Chicago Standard

In addition to the information on this page, if you haven't read it already, we also suggest that you check out the improvements we have made to the whole chicago range - you can do this on the Chicago Models page.

The best selling of the Chicago range. Lighter still than the Chicago standard but still a substantial trumpet. This is great all round horn. It can blend in sections, cut when needed, and still has a certain creaminess and body to the sound. It is open and easy to play with just the right amount of feedback to the player, it’s also comfortable and reliable. If you work mostly in the commercial domain and want one horn to do most of your work then this is about as good as it gets. Its natural tone colour is not as dark as the Custom or brighter like the ‘VR’ but it treads the middle ground with extreme confidence.

The Chicago Lite in the pictures has a combined Brush and polished finish with clear gloss lacquer.

Chicago Lite Chicago Lite
Chicago Lite
Chicago Lite

Chicago Lite

Chicago Lite
Chicago Lite Chicago Lite


Chicago Lite

Bore ML (.460”)
Valves Stainless steel
Valve case Knuckles All nickel
Bell Diameter 133mm (nominal)
Bell Material Yellow brass (Red brass optional)
Bell Thickness Standard gauge
Leadpipe Machined one piece
Cap Set Heavy (light optional)
Tuning Slides Regular thickness tube
Construction Unstressed
Bracing Standard

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