A fresh approach to an age old issue. Where do brass instruments go from here? In a traditionally conservative domain, which let’s face it, most ‘acoustic’ musical instruments are, the common thinking is generally ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and from a practical view point I would normally agree with that. This is different. We are not trying to re-write history, or saying that all that has been was wrong, no, this is simply a fun yet totally practical alternative. No big claims it will make you a better player, give more range, all the usual claims that mouthpiece makers will make. We make one claim for these and one claim only, and that is…. You can carry on playing, only now with ‘style’.

Toxic Green Toxic Green Blue & Yellow Blue & Yellow Lava Flow Lava Flow Brown Brown Black & White Black & White

K (Kirinite) – Series Colours

The are 4 Ranges to choice from. The Principle range is the K-Series. K stands for Kirinite. A very hard, durable space age plastic that can be machined and buffed like metal. Has a fantastic pearlescent glow under lights and is tough enough for everyday use. If you’re only going to buy one of these mouthpieces we would recommend it’s from this range. Very comfortable to the lip and a totally practical, usable mouthpiece with no loss of tone over an all metal piece. Available in 5 stunning colour designs. Due to the way this composite is made no two pieces will ever have quite the same pattern.

The other three ranges are made from a cast polyester. This plastic is still hard and durable but not as glass like as the Kirinite. Still makes great mouthpieces and does allow for more uniform patterns and colours. These can imitate natural materials or be just wild and funky. Check out the colours and patterns below.

Dark Coral Dark Coral Brown Briar Brown Briar Jade Jade Amber Amber Horn Horn

E (Earth) – Series Colours

Dark Coral Shocking Pink Brown Briar Candy Jade Purple & Gold Amber Pink & Black Horn Black & Gold

F (Fun) – Series Colours

As you have no doubt realised by now, the 3 themed series shown above all have a ‘notice me’ vibe about them. So what if you like the idea of these but want something a bit more subtle. We did think about this and added the C (for Conservative) line. Not to say you can blend into the wallpaper with any of these, but they do have a more muted, dare we suggest mature image. Hopefully that’s all bases covered. Subtle, sexy, brash, loud, flashy. Why stop at one. You can now have a mouthpiece to suit the flavour of the gig. Ok, maybe not the symphony orchestra, but seriously, how many of you (that have read this far) do the symphony orchestra for a day job!

Lapis Blue Lapis Blue Plain Black Plain Black Ivory Ivory Tortoise Shell Tortoise Shell Malachite Malachite

C (Conservative) – Series Colours

Now its time to choose a cup size. We’ve stuck to our old sizing chart, which most can understand and relate to easy enough. So you don’t need to change page we will run over the basic sizing again here. Largest to smallest:

L This is close to a 1c. Its pretty big!

L2 Same cup width as the L but shallower, to make those high note a little easier.

ML Close to a 1 1/2c. Our most popular size. Excellent all rounder.

ML2 Same cup width as ML but shallower. Good commercial mouthpiece.

M Close to 3c. What can you say about the 3c, this is the middle ground of mouthpieces

M2 Same cup width as M but shallower. Good for making the high notes a bit easier.

S Close to a 10 1/2c. Smallest we make.

We will make any other size you want as a custom order. This will incur an extra charge.